Welcome to the R. J. White Group @ UC. We are an established collaborative research group that moved to the Department of Chemistry at the University of Cincinnati in the fall of 2017. Our research lies at the intersection of nanoscience, electrochemistry and the biological interface. Research interests in our group focus on the development of new (bio)analytical methods to probe chemical and biological systems with unprecedented spatial and temporal resolutions afforded by working at the nanoscale. The scope of this research is quite broad, ranging from studies of fundamental chemical and biological phenomena to the development of applied sensor technologies. As such, students in the group can expect to gain valuable interdisciplinary laboratory experience. Please visit the links to learn more about the lab’s cutting edge research and exciting new projects.

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DNA Collapse

Monitoring DNA on surfaces


POC Detection

Electrochromic, bipolar electrode detection



Future role of aptamers in analytical chemistry



Monitoring ATP release from astrocytes

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