Our Research 

Research in our group combines themes at the forefront of nanoscience, biomolecular engineering, and electrochemistry, for the development of innovative analytical tools and their application in both the physical and life sciences. Examples include the development of sensitive, nanometer scale chemical and biological sensors that will probe materials and biological systems with unprecedented temporal and spatial resolution. Researchers in the group will gain a highly interdisciplinary background electrochemistry, biochemistry, nanotechnology and biomolecular engineering pushing the frontiers of basic science while also narrowing the gap between laboratory-bound research and real-world applicability.
Scanning Electrochemical Probe Microscopy

We are utilizing a variety of scanned probe microscopy for studying biological systems and interfaces.

Sensing the Chemistry of the Brain

We are developing electrochemical, aptamer-based (E-AB) sensors for the detection of a variety of targets including the gliotransmitter ATP.

Biophysics of DNA on Electrode Surfaces

We are using electrochemistry to study DNA biophysics including cation-condensation-induced collapse of surface bound DNA.

Electrochemical Sensor Development

We explore sensor development from fundamentals to application.

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