Graduate Students

Kiana Sykes

B.S. - Chemistry - Tennessee Wesleyan College, 2017

​My research is based on studying the dynamic and biophysical properties of short tethered nucleic acids by electrochemical methods. Ultimately this research will provide new insight into the structure function relationship of tethered nucleic acids and how this is manifested into electrochemical signaling.

Israel Belmonte

B.S. - Chemistry - Northern Illinois University, 2015

My research focuses on the functionalization of carbon electrodes via electrochemical reduction of diazonium salts for the immobilization of thiolated aptamers to develop a more robust electrochemical aptamer-based sensor.

Spencer Hendrickson

B.S. - Chemistry - University of Cincinnati, 2015 

My research is focused on coupling E-AB sensors with nanoporous electrodes that can be used to in the detection and monitoring of analytes like ATP, tobramycin, insulin, etc., in complex media like serum and blood without purification or filtration of the sample media.


Tatiana Ilina

M.S. - Physics - Moscow State University

B.S. - Physics - Moscow State University

My research focuses on the development of calibration-free intermittent pulse amperometry technique and application of this method to real-time in vitro monitoring of a single cell adenosine triphosphate release combined with microelectrode electrochemical aptamer-based sensors.

Hope Kumakli

M.S. - Chemistry - North Carolina A&T State University, 2016

B.S. - Chemistry - Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, 2013

My research focuses on in operando nanoscale imaging of self-assembled monolayers on gold substrates.  These monolayers are a critical component of electrochemical-aptamer based sensor assembly.  Understanding their activity will aid in development of better sensing techniques.

Vaselia Vogiazi

M.S. - Chemistry - University of Patras, Greece

B.S. - Chemistry - University of Patras, Greece


Essraa Khalil

M.S. - Mat. Sc. - Qatar University, 2018

M.S. - Analytical Chemistry - Beni-Suef University, 2015

B.S. - Pharmaceutical Sciences - Beni-Suef University, 2009

My research is focused on nanopore sensing using protein channel-based probes with different geometry and composition. Our ultimate goal is to develop feedback-controlled probes for spatially-resolved molecular sensing as well as serving as imaging probes for scanning ion conductance microscopy (SICM).

Alex Olivan

B.S. - Chemistry - University of Cincinnati, 2019

B.S. - Geology - Northern Kentucky University, 2018

My research is primarily focused on the characterization and functionalization of boron doped diamond electrodes which will eventually be made into electrochemical-aptamer based sensors. In addition, I am working on a project focused on the creation of recessed gold microelectrodes which will be used to measure chemical releases from single astrocyte cells.

Spencer Lanham

B.S. - Chemistry - Wilmington College, 2019

My research focuses on development of an electrochemical imaging method to probe the air-water interface of aqueous microdroplets.  These droplets have been hypothesized to have a strong electric field at this interface, which can induce electrochemical reactions.  Ultimately, using this new method, I aim to quantify these reactions and characterize this interface.

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